Collaborative filtering

Centriufficio Italia è il maggiore portale online per uffici arredati – Copriamo tutto il mercato italiano dei centri uffici. fa parte di MatchOffice che opera nel settore delle locazioni di uffici dal 2005. Collaboriamo con una serie di centri uffici in Italia, e oltre ad aumentare la visibilità dei locatori verso potenziali clienti, rendiamo facile ai potenziali locatari trovare un nuovo ufficio economico che soddisfi in maniera ottimale le loro esigenze. Volete affittare i vostri uffici in Italia o siete in cerca di uffici in affitto?

MatchOffice Italia

MatchOffice è uno dei principali operatori nel mercato del leasing immobiliare commerciale in tutto il mondo. Siamo un portale indipendente che raccoglie tutti i business center in un unico luogo, facilitando il reperimento da parte dei potenziali locatari dei propri spazi per uffici futuri. Collaboriamo con i più grandi centri commerciali in Italia. is a group of activists specialised in several fields related to the new digital era, and the Internet Paradigm.


The oXcars are a non-competitive awards ceremony held at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, Spain, in October each year. They are a public showcase that puts the spotlight on cultural creation and distribution carried out under the paradigms of shared culture.[1] Through presentations and symbolic mentions of works in a series of categories, real legal solutions are shown using parody as a strategy. The award categories include: Music, Animation, Theatre, Human Tools, Future Markets and Great Leftovers of Spanish Culture, among others .[2]

Steam workshop

The Steam Workshop is a central hub of player-created content and tools to publish, organize, and download that content into the video games of the Steam platform (see below). Different games will utilize the Workshop in different ways. Some games, like Team Fortress 2, allow you to create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game.


BoardGameGeek is an online board gaming resource and community. There are reviews, ratings, images, play-aids, translations, and session reports from board game geeks across the world, as well as live discussion forums. In addition, every day nearly a hundred game trades pass through the hands of registered members, as well as transactions in the marketplace. The site is updated on a real-time basis by its large user base. BoardGameGeek was founded in January 2000 by Scott Alden and Derk Solko as a resource for the board gaming hobby.


OhmyNews is a South Korean online news website that has the motto "Every Citizen is a Reporter". It was founded by Oh Yeon Ho on 2000. It is the first of its kind in Korea to accept, edit and publish articles from its readers, in an open source style of news reporting.[2] About 20% of the site's content is written by the 55-person staff, while most of the articles are written by other freelance contributors who are mostly ordinary citizens.

Netention for Node.JS

Netention is SEMANTIC GROUPWARE that automatically organizes a community of peoples' realities. It can then interlink them with automatically discovered opportunities that are mutually inter-satisfying - essentially suggesting to its participants how they could realize the desired futures they have described.

Rate Your Music

Rate Your Music (or RYM) is an online collaborative metadata database of musical and non-musical releases and films which can be cataloged, rated and reviewed by users. In RYM users rate and catalog releases, as well as write reviews, create lists and add artists and releases to the database.


FilmAffinity is a movie recommendation system where users rate, critique and categorize films and series. The system provides for registered users a list of users with similar ratings.


There are currently 385 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!