Welcome to the P2Pvalue Directory of Commons Based Peer Production

The Directory of CBPP is part of the P2Pvalue research project. The directory supports an open and collaborative effort to map the many different examples of CBPP. Some of the best known examples of which are Linux, Wikipedia, FLOSS, Open Street Map and SETI.

Commons based peer production is an emerging and innovative production model in which the creative energy of large numbers of citizens is coordinated, usually through a digital platform, outside of the parameters of the traditionally hierarchical and mercantil organisation resulting in the public provision of commons resources.

P2Pvalue is Investigating the conditions which favour collaborative creation and the logic of value of these emerging forms. The research results will be used to develop a digital platform based on decentralized architecture and the design of public policies that promote the commons.

The directory currently features more than 300 cases of CBPP. The data is freely available in open formats. We encourage you to explore and participate in the creation of a rich resource for research in this emerging field. You can use the search facility to find and edit existing cases or add new cases to the directory by clicking on 'CONTRIBUTE'.