Backdrop CMS is a fork of Drupal 7, created with the purpose of offering a lower barrier entry. Backdrop CMS started its existence as an offshoot or fork of Drupal. Although Backdrop originates from a common codebase with Drupal, its philosophy and organization are distinct. Backdrop practices a policy of focused releases, taking into account the feedback from the community. The overall direction is guided by the Backdrop Project Management Committee (PMC), modeled off of the Apache project. The direction of Backdrop is guided by the Backdrop Project Management Committee (PMC). The individuals that make up the committee are often but not necessarily committers to the project code repository. Their mission is to ensure that Backdrop follows the ideals of the project philosophy. If needed, it is also within their power to change the project philosophy, by a consensus agreement (a unanimous vote). The PMC handles any issue that has been escalated by one or more core committers or any issue at their discretion, at which time they will provide direction as needed. Current PMC members are Nate Haug and Jen Lampton. Additional individuals may be added to the committee by a unanimous vote by the PMC. Any current PMC member can nominate potential new members. Individuals may be removed from the committee by a simple majority vote. Decisions other than core philosophy changes and adding new core maintainers are taken by seeking consensus, with a majority vote as a fallback where needed. In the event of a tie within the PMC, an elected member of the PMC may break the tie. The tie-breaker may be elected at any time by a majority vote of the committee.



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