CiviCRM is a web-based, internationalized suite of computer software for constituency relationship management, that falls under the broad rubric of customer relationship management. It is specifically designed for the needs of non-profit, non-governmental, and advocacy groups, and serves as an association management system. CiviCRM is designed to manage information about an organization's donors, members, event registrants, subscribers, grant application seekers and funders, and case contacts. Volunteers, activists, voters as well as more general sorts of business contacts such as employees, clients, or vendors can be managed using CiviCRM. CiviCRM is deployed in conjunction with either the Drupal, Joomla! or Wordpress content management systems (CMS). CiviCRM is used by many large NGOs including Amnesty International, Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, and the Wikimedia Foundation for their fundraising. There are also cases of very large record sets being used with one company claiming to have set up CiviCRM with a set of over 3 million constituents. CiviCRM is also used by Kabissa to provide CRM capabilities to over 1,500 organizations, mostly in Africa. CiviCRM downloads are available from SourceForge, where it was 'project of the month' for January 2011. CiviCRM is created by an open source community coordinated by CiviCRM LLC, and the 501c3 non-profit Social Source Foundation. The project also receives ongoing input and guidance from our Community Advisory Board. The Social Source Foundation is a nonproft organization (501c3) that exists to create open source, mission-focused technology for the nonprofit and NGO sector. CiviCRM LLC holds the copyright to much of the codebase of CiviCRM, which it has contributed back to the community under the GNU Affero General Public License 3 (GNU AGPL 3).
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