Friendica is an open source, free social web server running on the popular LAMP stack. Think WordPress or Drupal, but for social. It is a mature platform with over two years of development behind it, and provides a wide range of connectors to both legacy and indie social networks. Your "friends" can be from Facebook, Diaspora, Twitter, StatusNet,, weblogs and RSS feeds - and even email. No other project has ever brought together the social universe into a single federated stream to this degree. We have pioneered ground-breaking technology such as decentralised photo albums with working privacy controls and cross-site wall-to-wall posting via hidden single sign-on. Not even Facebook will protect your private photos from "fuskers" (look it up, but be warned - it's real creepy). If you make a Friendica photo private, it's private. We also have stopped calling as a "social network", as it is conceptually quite different from those things. It's more like a collection of channels and web spaces that can all interact. Sure, you can use it as a "social network" and many people will. But that's like saying you can use a mobile phone to make phone calls. Most mobile phones can do a lot more.


There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!