GROWL - training materials for degrowth

GROWL is a pan-European project designed to form a network of trainers for degrowth. Academics, practitioners at the grass-roots level, researchers and political activists, among others, form a part of this network that aims at a plural and diverse skill and knowledge exchange, to support a major transition towards degrowth and a sustainable and fulfilling society. GROWL's concrete objective is to provide tools for positive change in individual lives and overall society, in response/as an alternative to the multi-dimensional crises (economic, social, ecological, human) that currently confront Europe. All materials produced in GROWL are open and can be reused under a Creative Commons license. The production of the materials, in particular the modules, relies on collaboration between the different partners of GROWL, as well as future trainers (participants in the courses) of GROWL.


There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!