The aim of HELibTech is to provide a starting point for anyone interested in library technology in Higher Education. HELibTech aim is to contribute into opening up the library technology market, involving all stakeholders in a 'conversation' (if you need help with adding your own article to the HELibtech wiki, you can contact the site's wikimaster).The focus is UK but most of the issues hope to be relevant elsewhere. It presents itself as a free and open community resource. However it is a commercial enterprise. The website is managed by Ken Chad Consulting. And its wiki relies on Wikispace, a commercial wikies hosting platform (and according to Wikispaces policy, contributions by visitors to http://helibtech.com/ are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License, but the portions not contributed by visitors are Copyright by Tangient LLC, the company running Wikispaces).
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