MetricsGrimoire (pronounced /ˈmetrɪksɡrɪmˈwɑr/) is a toolset to obtain data from repositories related to software development: source code management (aka version control) and issue tracking (aka bug reporting) systems, mailing lists, etc. Data and metadata about the software development processes is retrieved from those repositories (information about commits, ticket management, communication in mailing lists, etc.), and then organized and stored into SQL databases that can later be mined for specific patterns or summaries of activity. MetricsGrimoire tools support many kinds of repositories, including those provided by GitHub (git & GitHub issue tracking), and has been used to analyzed many different projects already. MetricsGrimoire has its origins in the Libresoft research group at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos as a toolset named LibreSoft Tools. After several years of development, a small community started to grow around it, now including developers and users from all around the world. Later, a spin-off company of the research group was founded, Bitergia, providing professional services around those tools. In parallel to this proces, LibreSoft Tools evolved into a more neutral, community-oriented project: MetricsGrimoire.


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