P2P Lab

P2P Lab is an independent media lab interested in interdisciplinary research on free/open source technologies and practices. Our mission is to: i) strive for integrative insights on the open technologies and the peer-to-peer practices, ii) provide consultancy support to organisations and institutions regarding open technologies and relevant socio-economic trends, iii) produce innovative, global techno-economic solutions to local problems, iv) write, edit and publish articles, reports and books in the diverse range of topics we investigate and v) organise open events for reflection and action as well as to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing. We are constantly on the look-out for co-operation on interesting projects. The P2P Lab is an "Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance - Tallinn University of Technology" and P2P Foundation spin-off.
Physical address: 
Kougkiou 3A
45221 Ioannina


There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!