Remix The Commons

Remix The Commons is an intercultural space for sharing and co-creating multimedia documents about the commons. It aims at documenting and illustrating key ideas and practices of the commons movement, including through the creative process of the project itself. The project is hosted by an intercultural collective of people and organizations convinced that the curation, exchange and remixing of diverse narratives, definitions and images of the commons are a dynamic and participatory way of appropriating and disseminating the concept of the commons. Remix The Commons was initiated in 2010 by Alain Ambrosi with the organizations of Communautique and VECAM, in Québec and France. Forum des Alternatives Maroc « FMAS » in Maroco, KËR THIOSSANE and the “Laboratoire de recherches sur les transformations économiques et sociales” (LARTES) of IFAN, in Senegal have joined the circle in 2011. Remix The Commons is constituted and functions as commons. The collective charter defines its values, mission and governance rules, all of which are open to discussion. In 2013, the charter Remix the Commons has been drafted to be adopted by individuals and organizations wishing to be part of the collective Remix the Commons in charge of project governance.
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There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!