It’s an open source tool for making transcripts really easy to read, search and share on the modern internet. Transcripts are a kind of oil that greases the wheels of well-functioning societies. They let people discover when powerful people have made pronouncements that affect less powerful people. We believe that by making transcripts function better, more people will end up learning about decisions and opinions that affect their lives. The design is mobile responsive to make reading and navigation pleasant across devices, large and small Search within an entire database of speeches, for example a whole trial, or everything said by an elected assembly – better than opening hundreds of PDFs and searching manually. Search within one person’s speeches, even if they only speak occasionally; and each speech is linked to a person, making it easy to see everything someone has said. Easily share links to a single session (for example at a trial), or even a single speech within a session. Make your transcripts more likely to show up clearly in search engines. There’s an API for people who want to do more advanced text processing.
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There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!