SENSORICA is an open, decentralized, and self-organizing value network. It is a commons-based peer-production network, focused on designing sensing and sensemaking technology. In their own words: Our mission: SENSORICA is committed to the design and deployment of intelligent, open sensors, and sensemaking systems, which allow our communities to optimize interactions with our physical environment and realize our full human potential As an organization, SENSORICA is designed to facilitate large-scale co-creation and exchange of value: facilitates large-scale coordination and collaboration secures transactions among affiliates and reduces transaction costs facilitates resource management allows multi-dimensional value accounting and fair redistribution of revenue open: easy access to participation horizontal: non-hierarchical governance, autonomy of affiliates, structure shaped by value-based relations rather than power-based relations decentralized: bottom up allocation of resources, no central planning, no collective budget emergent and adaptive structure, constantly changing with respect to internal and environmental conditions SENSORICA is an ecosystem built on a value network.
Physical address: 
5795, avenue De Gaspé, Suite 213B
Montreal, QC H2S 2X3


There are currently 383 Commons-Based Peer Production cases!