Sourcefabric is a not-for-profit organisation based in Prague, Czech Republic, with branches in Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada and representatives in Minsk, Guatemala, Warsaw, Belgrade and Cluj. Sourcefabric was spun off from the Media Development Investment Fund's Campware project in May 2010. It develops open source software for independent news media organisations. Its software products formerly included Campsite and Campcaster. On 2011, Sourcefabric announced the renaming of Campsite to Newscoop and Campcaster to Airtime, plus the launch of a new product Superdesk, a newsroom tool to manage the entire journalistic process. On February 2012, Sourcefabric announced the release of Booktype 1.5 in collaboration with the Floss Manuals Foundation. Sourcefabric also provides training for journalism students as well as professional journalists on how to use new media tools. It has had training and consulting activities in Africa (Senegal, Zimbabwe), various EU countries and in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Sourcefabric makes open source tools for content creators. As a company, it provides news organisations with the software, expertise and support to produce it online, in print and on air. Sourcefabric’s products are built by news experts and a highly skilled team of over 30 technical officers, developers, system administrators and quality assurance engineers. Newscoop (open content management for newspapers & magazines), Airtime (open source radio automation) and Booktype (open source publishing platform for print and digital books) are currently on the market (each is downloaded over 10,000 times a year).
Physical address: 
Sourcefabric o.p.s. Salvátorská 10 110 00 Praha 1 Czech Republic
Toronto office: Sourcefabric North America Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst St. Suite 203 Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R4 Ca
Czech Republic


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