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Writing Commons is a peer-reviewed open education resource (OER) for college-level writers. Founded in 2008 by Joseph M. Moxley, a professor of English and the director of the first-year writing program at the University of South Florida, Writing Commons was developed from a highly regarded text into one of the most heavily used open textbooks on the web. Following a crowd-sourcing process, Writing Commons now offers an interactive and comprehensive introduction to college-level writing. In 2012, Writing Commons was viewed by over 145,000 unique users for a total of 167,000 users. Writing Commons was developed from College Writing Online (Longman/Pearson, 2003)[3] a first-year composition textbook written by Joseph Moxley. Awarded the Distinguished Book Award by Computers and Composition: an International Journal in 2004,[4] College Writing Online has since been republished as Writing Commons in an open textbook format. Writing Commons accepts submissions through a strenuous peer-review process. The editorial board consists of distinguished educators and academics from across the globe.
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